Your Anchor In Environmental Management.
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ISO Management Systems

Industries, service sectors, organizations and agencies

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Risk assessment, health and safety audits, trainings

Health & Safety

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit

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Sustainable Tourism Management

Hotels, lodges, camps, villas and bandas

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Solid Waste Management

Welcome to Anchor Management Consultants

Anchor Consultants is a boutique management consulting firm offering services in Environmental management, ISO standards and Health & Safety.

We provide knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions for your business. Our resources serve as an anchor in the ever changing and turbulent environment.

Why work with us..,

Why Us...

Strength is not always found in numbers. We are a boutique management consulting firm but our size does not determine or influence our reach and impact within the industry. The environmental industry is facing unprecedented challenges on all fronts. We understand the imperatives for success despite the financial turmoil that still surrounds every enterprise. Learn More..
Our Resources

Our resources draw on a wide range of industry and business expertise, and have a constant motivation on learning as well as an open, receptive and questioning attitude. The key responsibility of a consultant is to offer clear, timely advice and assistance to achieve quick and effective results. Our staffs have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to people from all levels of an organization. Learn More..
Our Clients..

Our clientele include hotels & restaurants, the petroleum industry, airports, processing companies/ industrial manufacturers, health care services sector,agric-industry, food industry, insurance industry, research organizations, testing laboratories, processing and packaging companies, transport, cargo, freight, industry, beverage & brewery industry, industries (chemical; engineering; construction; etc.), the banking sector among others. Learn More.. .