Your Anchor In Environmental Management.

Principal Partner

Edmund Njihia


Edmund is well qualified and experienced Environmental Scientist by specialization with over 14 years professional experience and is registered as a Lead Expert by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) in Kenya. He has acquired further professional trainings in Occupational Safety & Health, Quality Management, Sustainability, Sourcing and Procurement Supply Chain aspects including Production Process Controls, Project Management, Hazard identification and mitigation, Good manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Continual improvement based on known international models, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Systems’ Audit, Risk Assessment and mitigation, waste management, natural resources management. Edmund has acquired further skills in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Fire Safety, Security systems management, First Aid, Effective negotiation, management of contractors and subcontractors, among other aspects.

His professional experience has been attained in reputable multinational corporate focusing on establishment, development, promotion and maintenance of prudently robust integrated Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) and Sustainability management system along the supply chain with key focus on promotion of feasible, sustainable and socially responsible programs that impact positively to the welfare of the global society and the environment as a whole.

Major industries and sectors of professional experience include at the least Agribusiness (food and beverages, horticulture and floriculture); Energy (Onshore Oil and Gas upstream supply chain in a drilling rig site), Procurement and Supply Chain (Transport, Logistics and Shipments), Consultancy and Capacity Building, Hospitality, among others. Edmund has in addition worked with various stakeholders in the construction, confectionery, public service regulatory agencies, academic, manufacturing, commerce and industry sectors.

He has a wealth of experience in formulating feasible policies and procedures and guiding clientele on basic pillars of implementation of international management systems requirements using prescribed guidance documents, and has a high level of experience in conducting accident/incident investigations including reporting writing for risk management.

Personal attributes include a motivated achiever, ability to liaise with various stakeholders across diverse cultural background and profiles. He is an ardent team player with excellent team leadership skills coupled by a proven track record of building and leading effective cross-functional, multi site, and multi- business teams, driving change initiatives towards continual improvement of the corporate strategies and management systems agenda. Edmund is analytical and effective negotiator who likes seeing the ‘glass half-full instead of half-empty”.